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Jul 11, 2001
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I have a question regarding the color of the gadolinium injection that is given for contrast with MRI?s. What is the color of the injection material? The reason I ask is that I went for an MRI today and they injected this and I wasn?t able to see it b/c my head was still wrapped in the machine while they were injecting and I came home and found a purple stain on my t-shirt that was in an area that is close in proximity to my arm. I don?t remember spilling anything on my shirt, so I was wondering if that could potentially be the contrast material.

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Feb 10, 2004
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I have had a couple of MRI's and yes, it does seem to have a dark color. I am not sure if it is purple or not, I didn't get any spilled on me. Hope it washes out though!
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