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Jul 26, 2006
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I graduated medical school this past May 2006. Last fall I submitted my ERAS, set up my interviews, and then started having some problems with my health. I interviewed at some places, but ended up canceling the majority of the interviews. I talked to my dean and he told me that I could just not submit a rank list. I managed to finish up my fourth year and graduate on time.

Now my health problems have resolved and I'd like to apply for residency. There is one program in particular that I would love to do internal medicine. It's a community hospital on the east coast where I did several rotations my third and fourth year. I already interviewed last fall, and one of my letters of rec is from one of their own attendings.

Here are my questions:
1. How should I go about this? Should I be contacting the program director and asking if I can sign for a position outside the match (i don't know if this is possible) I was also wondering if it was possible to start off-track as I'm willing to start ASAP, but I'll wait until next June if I have to.
2. Or should I be contacting my dean and getting my ERAS token?

If I do option 2:
3. Can I just add a paragraph on my old personal statement and essentially use the old one?
4. How crazy would it be to apply to just one program? Has anyone ever done this? I know I would probably apply to others, but I know I would be happy at this particular one.
5. Is it enough to say I had problems with my health, or would most programs want more detail?

Thank you!


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Oct 24, 2005
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Here is a try at answers to your questions --

1. If the program currently has a position available (i.e. it didn't match or somebody has dropped out) contact the program director immediately -- so you don't lose any more time this year. It is possible to start off track but you may have to make up the time you have missed. This can be done by either staying longer at the program (not graduating on time) or perhaps giving up some vacation time. It is not likely that the program director will take you outside the match for next year -- I'm not sure a program can take spots out of the match.

2. If there is no current position available then you should enter the match for next year.

3. You should update your personal statement and include an explanation as to why you did not start residency this year.

4. I would apply to more than one program -- there is always a possibility you won't match at the program you want.

5. This is a personal decision and I would probably seek advice from the dean or chairperson or program director of the specialty you are applying for at your medical school.
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