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Sep 15, 2002
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ok, i dont know jack about how to succeed and get into a school of dentistry or medicine

being a freshman in university...

1. when would u recommend that i do voluntary work... and what kind of voluntary work

2. im taking intro chem (2 semesters) this year... what shall i take next yr?

3. when shall i start buying the DAT review guides... and start reviewing???

4. when u guys talk about overall science GPA... what does that mean? is it like grades overal in science classes? does it play as a significant factor?

4. umm should i really be worrying?? im starting to feel this pressure... even though im only a freshman! i think its mostly due to the people i talk to... they are scaring the hell out of me!!


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Jul 24, 2002
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My answers (colored by personal experience and opinions):

1) Best time to volunteer is obviously during the summers. I would try to see if I can observe procedures at a hospital's oral surgery unit if I'm interested in getting into dental school, or maybe a summer enrichment program at a dental school, or even just shadowing a private dentist.

2) What class you take after g-chem should be whatever you feel comfortable with. Most guys take o-chem after finishing g-chem, but it's up to you.

3) The best time to take the DATs would be while the relevent subjects (bio, chem, o-chem, basic math) are still fresh in your head. So if you finished the bio, chem and o-chem pre-req courses by the end of your sophomore year, I'd take the summer to study for the DATs and take it in August before your junior year starts.

4) Science GPA = GPA of all the science courses you took. Competence in science courses is obviously important because you will be taking loads of advanced science courses in dental/medical school.

5) As far as worrying goes... At your stage just worry about keeping your GPA up. If you keep that GPA well above a 3.0, everything else should more or less follow smoothly.

Good luck.


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Sep 10, 2002
hi there!
i'm a post bac student. meaning i didn't have a good gpa when i graduated from my undergrad and that i didn't do any science classes you need to get into dental school.
from my experience i would advise you to make sure you keep the following in mind:
1)try your best never to get below a B in any class
2)make sure you do all the requirements for your major, graduation and dental/medical school in a timely manner. therefore, try to get as many of them out of the way as possible. you don't want to find yourself stressed out over being closed out of a class your last semester.
3)try your best not to withdraw from classes. one seems ok. but two or more could seem suspicious to admissions.
4)definately take the DAT's soon after getting done with your bio, general chem, (physics if you plan on going to med school) and orgo chem. since you are a freshman you don't have to worry about taking the DAT for a while.
5)your main focus right now should be to try to get all A's in the science classes because it will be the best prep for the DAT as well as make you a competitive applicant.
hope that helps. dragonj
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