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Just starting my pre med track after graduating from NYU.... do i even have a chance :o


New Member
Jul 7, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi all, first time poster her. I graduated from a big name university this fall with a 3.05 GPA and a BA in Psych. I was a and student largely because i never knew how to study and was just so lost on what i wanted to pursue. Long story shot, i decided to pursue medicine and hopefully enroll in a DO program. I am now taking the pre requisites at my local college and am doing well. I have gotten an A in my first course and am currently taking my second chem class (chem 2). I will also point out that my last semester at nyu i had a 3.95 gpa and the semester before i had a 3.65.

I am giving it my all right now, i plan to finish my pre reqs by next fall and aim to scribe all of next year. If i can pull of a 504+ mcat and a sGPA of 3.6-3.8 what are my chances of landing in a DO program. PS i am hispanic, i am not sure how much of a factor that plays.
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