Just Took Step 1


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Feb 4, 1999
Schererville IN, USA
I just took step one about 1 week ago and here are my thoughts:

-It is a very thought provoking exam. Nothing really gets you ready for the type of questions that are seen on this exam.

-I would do the following:

1. Kaplan Q-bank is a must, this is the closest thing to the Step 1, but like I said nothing really comes that close to the real thing. I had about 10 questions verbatim from the q-bank. I did about 1700 of the 2000 questions.

2. FirstAid is another must. If it is not in FirstAid, there is a small chance that it is going to be on the exam.

3. Questions, questions, questions. Wake up, do about 100 Qs and then review the exams (looking at all the Q/A). This should take about a total of 5 hours. In the evening (after a nice break) review an entire subject. THis might take more than one day.

-Keep in mind there are about 50 Qs that are experimental, so some of the weird questions that appear on the exam are not counted.

-I did not take any breaks during the exam, not even lunch, but I think that it would be a good idea to take a lunch break.

-Some sections I did run out of time, but most I had about 10-15 minutes left after doing the exam for the first time. But I found the Kaplan blocks to me the same with respect to time.

-If I think of anything else, I will let everyone know.
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