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Apr 23, 2001
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I was just wondering about NOVA and KCOM. My husband has been accepted to NOVA so far and right now he is in missouri, interviewing tommorrow! I live in New York, he has also been accepted to NYCOM, but I don't think finachally we would do so well. I have heard that Fla. apartments are in the same price range as here. KCOM, I'm guessing is more rural and hopefully cheeper. I don't have to many facts to base my opinion on. I tried to find apartments online, but I keep running into dead ends. If anyone can shed some light on this, please let me know. Best of luck to all you spouses, I know it's a long road, but remember you are their back bone, and without all of your support they would never become the proud docotr they were meant to be!! :eek:


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Oct 3, 2001
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Hi Justin! :)

Well, hubby interviewed (and took the acceptance) at KCOM.
I went with him to the interview because I had been pushing for Western (in CA) because I have family there and because, well, I am a bigger-city gal.

However, the people at the school, in the town, in the whole state....were the most genuinely friendly people I have ever met...and I have moved and traveled alot! It was kind of eerie at first, but when I got back to Seattle, I missed it.

As for apartments, everyone told me that if a place wants much over $500, they are taking advantage of you. We traveled around the city a bit, and found places that would rent for $1000 here, for $400 or so!!! It was amazing!
We want to live cheaply and take as few loans as possible, and so this was definately to our advantage.

Also, there are eating deals everywhere!! The restraunts cater to the college and offer buffet nights for $4 or half-off days where you can get a huge plate for about $3. It really is odd. :)

However, it IS a small town. There are quite a few plays and whatnot at Truman, but everyone was pretty conservatively dressed. Plus, I am from seattle area and am used to seeing a wide array of diversity in cultures and orientation. Oh...and just one coffee shop!! LOL But, its in this wonderful old building that used to be the bank in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

I am going to enjoy the adventure of it, and St. Louis is just down the road and I have plans to attend their mardi gras!

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Oh...and they have the largest SAA...which is for the spouses/partners. About 70 attend on a regular basis and they are constantly doing one thing or another. So, it might be different, but there is defiantely support while doing this adventure. :)

LOL Can you tell I am excited?

There are other things about the school that made us choose it, but the above were huge factors!!!

Wifty....KCOM spouse 2006