For Sale Kệ Pallet cho di động

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Jan 18, 2016
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Kệ Pallet cho hệ thống di động giá rẻ lưu trữ với một mật độ rất cao, 100% địa điểm lưu trữ sử dụng được.

Pallet racks for quite cheap mobile pallet racking are pressed together, are linked to the cell structure to help it move back and forth on rails on the floor system.
The moving parts are driven by electric motors and can be moved individually one by one, or part, and to enable access to any pallet capacity at any given time. Mobile Pallet Racking For the price very suitable for the cold storage system, or extreme cold, and can be applied in other industries where without multiple paths, and speed of movement of goods is not the point important.

Increase the amount of goods stored up over 90%.
High storage density, by reducing aisle forklifts

The ability to import and export pallet selection 100%

Maximum height of the shelf secure 9 M

The load on the shelf: 2000 - 6000 Kg / 1 story

If you wish to contact your installation Racking Mechanical 3s for assistance and advice.

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