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One more time...

I have posted about the Riverside Townhomes and there are only 2 units left. Here in the townhomes, we like to try to keep students in the homes, thus I am letting you know...

There are two 2 BR 1 1/2 bath units left. They are 15 minutes from downtown, north of the river, and 5 minutes from Barry Rd. (lotsa shopping). The townhomes are three levels- 2 BR's upstairs with a full bath, kitchen, LR, half bath, and dining on the main level, and a full basement downstairs. The two BR townhome rents for $370 a month!!!!! You can't beat it!!!! If you might be interested, please email me at [email protected] and I will give you my phone # so I can give you more information. This is a great community full of UHS students and dental students and a wonderful family community as well!

Email me if you are interested!

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