Kansas March Letter?

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Jul 11, 2002
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Whuddup y'all? Anyone happen to know when exactly in March KU will be sending out their accept/waitlist/reject letters? I've been accepted elsewhere and they want my $, but I really want to hear back from KU first.

Thx :D


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Sep 30, 2002
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yo yo yo whut up panda81!

Its always great to see a thread about KU here..... I'm an undergrad at KU right now, and I'm really happy to have been accepted to KU, even though I'm waiting to hear back from some other schools as well.

If I remember correctly, I was told when I interviewed there that they thought that they'd let peeps know whats up by ~mid-march (this is an estimate I guess).....they said it could come earlier or later than that.

So, PM me sometime....i'd like to know if you are from KS and some of the other schools you're interested in

Good luck

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