Kansas State vs Auburn

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Dec 5, 2020
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HI guys. Im really stressed out about my decision between Kansas State and Auburn. I am a Florida resident so both are OOS for me. Can anyone give me insight on either program? I visited Auburn and it seemed nice, but I’m so unsure.

I‘m mostly worried about living situations, hands on experience, and a wide variety of animal experience. PLEASE HELP.

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Also, I am a current master's student here at Kansas State, I think Manhattan is a nice town, and have never felt unsafe here. There are a ton of different living options, it really just depends on your budget. My classes are in the veterinary school daily, and I am in love with the facilities here, everything was renovated in 2018 and is SUPER nice! I will let the vet students take the reins on speaking about hands-on experiences, but as far as living I would not be concerned! I can try and answer any questions that you have!