Kaplan 11R vs AAMC 7


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May 29, 2003
    Hey everyone....it being the last week before the MCAT, I was hoping to take it a bit easier and just work on my problem spots and take a last practice test--or two, which is what I need help deciding. I ask because I took Kaplan 10R today and it was HARDDDD (not to mention *laden*--over the usual standard--with typos, badly worded questions, and mismatched question-answer choices :mad: )....especially the physical sciences section. I don't know what they were thinking when they wrote that, but it wasn't cute and it wasn't the greatest confidence builder when I had just managed to stabilize my PS score between an 11-12.

    That said, I do learn a lot from going over answers, and I had been planning to do that with Kaplan 11R on Tuesday as my last full-length. Now I'm not so sure I want to end like that if 11R is anywhere nearly as hard as 10R was. What do you guys think? Take 11R Tuesday and AAMC 7 on Thursday for confidence? Or just stick with 11R and use Thursday to study material. Any input is appreciated!!!!!!!! :)


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    Feb 1, 2004
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      LUBDUBB said:
      Once you start with AAMC exams just go up until exam time with them. I would stick with aamc this close to the exam. forget about kaplan, you'll learn more from the other ones.

      i sit there and take aamc practice tests (ihave the 4 available) and i do average (8-9). then i take kaplan and i get 4s and 5s. it just shatters my confidence. i remember when i was a kid and used to box my corner man would not tell me how truly bad i was getting so not to ruin whatever confidence i had left and have a chance of pulling a win out. many times i did end up winning. i am taking the same approach here. i truly $uck, i dont wanna kon about it. whatever hope i have i want to keep. do youself a favor and stay away from kaplan for now.
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