Kaplan #4

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It will get better once you are...still waiting :)
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Oct 8, 2003
  1. Attending Physician
    Originally posted by KHep
    I'm feeling really stupid. I took full length 4 today and scored an 8P 11V 7B
    What 's wrong with me!?!
    I'm incredibly uptight about taking the real thing in two weeks. UGH.

    Hey don't lose heart man...... that thing was hard as hell.... i was feeling numb by mid way too ...... same for my other buddies taking the course ...... just keep studying and take the test on 17th ..... the real thing is much more straight forward than the kaplan tests


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    Jan 28, 2004
      hmmm........it was my highest score out of the 4.

      10PS, 12VR, 11BS........33........not bad

      and to think that I haven't even started studying for the sciences.

      I plan to go hardcore for my sciences the next 10 days and raise my score to a 36...i Would like 12PS, 12VR, 12 BS.

      raising my score 3pts in 10 days...........no problemo.!


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      Apr 4, 2004
      Cali. But not the cool part.
      1. Other Health Professions Student
        I agree. I have been doing well in Kaplan prep tests and then my score fell a full 3 points. Grr. I'm still above a 30, but it's frustrating. We have to remember not to let the test get to us- keep our chins up and keep the crisis in check, you know? It's so psychological.
        Just keep chugging. If nothing else, let it motivate you to study harder.
        Cheers. ;)
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