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Kaplan and Examkrakers verbal?


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Oct 16, 2000
    I have heard a lot about Examkrakers helping people raise their score a lot in verbal. How is examkrakers strategy different compared to kaplan. Kaplan is basically topic, scope, and purpose, but I find it hard to still answer more questions correctly than I did using my own method. also, do any of these strategies work well on the real thing, or is it just for the company specific test?



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    Dec 27, 2001
    Left Coast
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      Please spread the word. Examkrackers is the best test prep company around today. I took Kaplan twice and I didn't do good on the verbal either time. The Kracker verbal book is cheap, so buy it. Make sure you buy their 101 verbal passage book whenever they sell it.

      The big companies (Kaplan and Princeton) design methods to increase your score to the national mean. The national mean is not going to get you into medical school. The reasoning behind this is that if you are good in verbal, then you don't need their strategy. If you suck, then they can increase your score to the mean (and make it look as though they helped you).

      BUY THE BOOK and FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE TO THE WORD. Please just trust me on that.
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      May 6, 2002
        you can also buy direct from examkrackrs.
        <a href="http://www.examkrackers.com" target="_blank">www.examkrackers.com</a>

        i didn't buy the verbal one.. but i did buy the audio osmosis and the 1001 questions for physics, bio, orgo, and gen chem. I thinked the audio osmosis helped-- but man it's pricey.. but i think the 1001 questions are too specific and actually take so much time to do that they take away from the good you could be doing by learning concepts and doing real mcat type questions.

        the tactics that examkrackers uses for verbal are helpful... in that they suggest not hopping around like kaplan does. they say just read it, and answer it. by skipping around, all you do is waste time. the fastest way to get through all the passages is to do them in order. and i agree with that.

        also another good tactic they teach is that even though you read quickly through a passage, your brain does absorb alot. So read through the passage and try to answer all the questions without going back to the passage for every answer. Just trust that you've read it well the 1st time.


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        May 4, 2002
        Chicago, IL
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          i've already invested in the kaplan materials, but i don't think they are helping me a whole lot. would it be a wise decision to invest in the examkracker materials, and if so, which ones (audio osmosis, subject reviews, 1001 questions)? for those who have tried kaplan already, what do you think?
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