Kaplan and Princeton Review MCAT Courses

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Jun 2, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I'm planning on taking an online MCAT self-paced course next summer. The Kaplan and Princeton Review websites don't have that much information on these courses, so I wanted to hear thoughts from people who've taken either of them.

I was specifically wondering if the courses go over actual content during the classes, or expect you to read the textbook and then just go over strategies during the classes. Because the reason I would take an online class is that I would like better to learn from a videotaped lecture rather than read a textbook. (This is why I would do self-paced, because if it is a pre-recorded video lecture I can pause or go back if I missed something, which I can't do in a live classroom.)

Also, do these courses cover the new MCAT topics like biochemistry and psych/soc? And did the lessons seem like they were updated for the new MCAT?

Finally, did people feel like they had enough time to do the course over the summer in addition to an internship or whatever else they were doing? And did you feel prepared for the MCAT by the end of it?


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Thanks so much Mcat jelly, those links were really helpful!

Does anyone have anything to add about how the prerecorded lectures were for either class?