Kaplan Behavior/Anatomy/Neuroanatomy vs High Yield series? Biochem NOT Lippincot


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Feb 3, 2007
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Hey guys,

I'm trying to eliminate all these books that I've been hoarding. Right now it's between the Kaplan Subject books or High Yield Series?
Which is a better book to use for:

Behavior Science

Also what is a good book for Biochemistry if I don't want to go Lippincott?
I currently have BRS Biochemistry and I hate it.

I appreciate all your replies!


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Apr 23, 2004
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After looking at most of the forums on here, I think I'm going to use HY Anatomy and Neuroanatomy. However, I've decided to go the BRS route with Behavioral, just because I want the practice questions and it's still a very easy read.

As for biochem, I'm still thinking about which source to use as well, but I've heard that both RR Biochem and Kaplan's biochem are pretty good. Just wondering, do you have the new (I think 4th?) edition of BRS Biochem or an old one??
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