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Aug 14, 2008
i've been doing a lot fo the BS practice sections from the kaplan course, and it seems like on every practice set, there's 1-2 passages about DNA/RNA: those questions about stuff like southern blotting, electrophoresis, and like looking at a diagram and figuring out the DNA sequencing based on the bands that show up and their positions, etc.

My question is, from your past experiences with the mcat, how often has those type of passages show up on the real test? I really don't understand them and they confuse the hell out of me. I've taken 4 AAMC practice exams so far and they havent shown up, so i'm hoping thats a good sign?


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Jan 25, 2007
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I took Kaplan and I did not notice an excess of DNA Technology based questions. (However I did not complete the BS Section Tests- I just did all the subject tests and topical tests for each subject + Kaplan full lengths).

I plan to do some of the BS Section Tests for my retake.

But based on the 8 AAMC exams and my real MCAT, I don't think DNA technology is heavily emphasized.
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