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For Sale Kaplan, EK Audio Osmosis, and PR MCAT Materials


Full Member
Jun 27, 2013
    Hello aspiring doctors!

    I have some materials I am looking to sell in bulk for 60 USD. They are materials for the pre-2015 MCAT, but include some strong review and test questions. They include the following:

    1. Kaplan MCAT High-Yield Problem Solving Guide (only 1-2 pages with markings)
    2. MCAT/AAMC 3rd Edition "The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam" (no markings)
    3. Princeton Review "Cracking the MCAT" 2013-2014 Edition (good condition, markup and highlighting but this sold for over $100 originally)
    4. Kaplan MCAT Verbal Reasoning Strategy and Practice
    5. Exam Krackers MCAT Audio Osmosis (all discs 1-12 except disc 7, no idea what happened to that one...)

    PM if you're interested!
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