kaplan home study usmle books...how to incorp. into step 1 studying

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Feb 26, 2007
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Hey all,

Well between FA, goljan's, some brs/hys books..I have my hands full. Additionally, I just acquired a Kaplan At home study set. I have about 5 months before my test date and wanted to ask for ideas on how to best use Kaplan's books.

My thoughts were to use them alongside FA (my first run through) and annotate as I see fit. Then on my 2nd,3rd, etc run through of FA, I plan on dropping the Kaplan's and only looking at more high-yield books (brs, goljan). This, obviously, will take me a few months.

Anyone use these and like them? Any suggestions??

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i'm planning on annotating FA 2010 with the kaplan homestudy set then gradually move from mostly studying and fewer questions to mostly questions

honestly i think the kaplan homestudy set is better than everything including goljan.