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Jun 22, 2001
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What's everyone's thought? I am thinking about taking a 2 week Kaplan course, but it is like $600. Would the time and money be better spent on Webprep or Q-Bank? By the way, I did not take any MCAT prep courses and did just fine for what it's worth. Not stellar, but OK. Thanks!


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Nov 27, 2001
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Sorry I didn't read your post,before putting in one of my own...I'm inking towards Kaplan's Webprep myself, but looking for info from someone that took it already- it is expensive...doe's it include a Qbank also?

J.S. Legaspi

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Oct 3, 2001
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I took Webprep. It's worth it. I got the Kaplan books which are great. I also ordered Qbank but that was a mistake to order it the same time. Wait till after you finish the course then order Qbank. You will not want to stare into a computer all day like I did. It takes a lot out of you! I liked the flexible schedule of Webprep. Plus it hits the most important stuff. Hope this helps you!
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