Kaplan MCAT Workbook full-length test

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Apr 16, 2000
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Anybody else take this? I have the 3rd edition and just took the full length today as a practice test, it seemed in keeping with my scores on the AAMC tests and other practice tests I have taken. One problem: the scaled scores at the end of the test are based on a raw score of up to 65 for VR, but there were only 60 questions for this section in the test! I got 54/60, so I just figured it out as a proportionality to see what that would equal out of 65 (58.5), but that's only an approximation. Any opinions about this test? I am retaking the MCAT and have already taken all the AAMC tests, so I am trying to find other tests to use to gauge my progress so I can get an idea of how I might score on the real thing.