Aug 7, 2011
I'm selling the Kaplan OAT review notes - aka "Big Blue Book" and MORE!

It comes with:

1x Kaplan OAT Review Notes (Big Blue Book)
1x Kaplan Optometry Admissions Test 07-08 (This book remains the same every year. It holds the same exact material as the latest version available from Kaplan. It includes 2 practice sets + 2 full-length practice tests.)
1x OAT Lesson Book (Comes with taking the on-site Kaplan program. Includes additional notes.)
1x Complete set of Review Note Cards (all subjects - +1000 note cards)
1x My personal notes - meticulous notes that summarize all of the sections <--priceless.

I used Kaplan to learn 99% of the material on the OAT. I scored a 370. I'm not particularly you can do it too. My notes will definitely help.

PM me to negotiate.