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Jul 29, 2009
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  1. Pre-Optometry
I have tons of OAT prep material that I would love to sell. The list is as follows.

This material is from my online KAPLAN course which I paid over $1200 for in 2009. I would hope for at least $150 for all of this.
Kaplan OAT lesson book
Kaplan OAT review notes
Kaplan DAT/OAT quicksheet - EVERY subject (biology, chemistry, physics, QR, and perceptual ability for the DAT).
Kaplan OAT flashcards - These are a lifesaver!***

This material is separate from the above:
OAT destroyer 2008 - OC, GC, Biology, and QR
OAT destroyer physics - SOLD!

I also have the Kaplan 2009-2010 Edition of the OAT which contains two practice sets for every section, as well as two full-length practice tests.

The MCAT is the Princeton Review Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review 2008 edition.

Please send me a PM if interested in any of this material. I'm eager to get it off my hands. Thanks and have a great day!
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