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Jun 10, 2006
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This is a bit of a tech question, and Ive already checked Kaplan's tech FAQ (<--didnt help)...but heres my situation.

Everytime I click on Online Syllabus (From the MyPage), I get the nice lil flash assignment sheet. However, when I click on any of the topic reviews I get a popup window that shows my original MyKap Page rather than the topic review. Whats funny is that the links for the pdf (foundation reviews) always work and I believe the quizzes work too. I am guessing this is some sort of firewall error because teh rest of my computers in the house all seem to open up ALL the sections just fine, its just my laptop that acts this way. I tried two different browsers, both which resulted in the same frustration. anyone else experience this problem?


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Oct 16, 2003
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You must turnoff or give kaptest permission for your firewall. Either that or check that your popup blocker is not on or not letting it through. I had the same problem and it was either the firewall or popup blocker.