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Kaplan online previews/reviews


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May 17, 2006
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Hey guys, so how are you guys doing on your previews/reviews? I'm really kinda down right now...I'm not so worried about the previews, but the reviews have me downright depressed. I'm probably averaging ~70% :( . I haven't done the "additional tests" because I don't want to waste those if I don't even know the material well enought to get high 80/90% of the reviews! Please tell me i'm not the only one out there in this boat...I made a 22 on the diagnostic (9 BS, 7VR, 6 PS) and while i haven't taken a full length yet, i don't see myself improving significantly based on my performance so far...


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Sep 5, 2006
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I made a 19 on my diagnostic last November...I had however been up for like 16 hours and got off work at 7am(took the class at 10:30am), so that greatly affected my performance; I think I could have earned about 3-4 more points if I had been on my game.
Anyways, full length wise:

What happened with that 19? I started the test in an empty house but by the time I got to the Biology section, people started coming in from work and jabbering their mouths. Even after asking them to pipe down, they still had the tv on and I could hear them all around so I gave up considering my concentration was so shot to hell. As such, I only made a 2 on the biological portion of the test and an PS:9 and VR:8
The last test was PS:9 VR:9 BS:8

Getting there....More practice practice practice!

By the way, i'm taking the MCAT to be scheduled for May 31st. I tried to get it earlier, but the people administering the test had some sort of problem. Either way, is this a good date or will it be too late to get in that early app. for med school this year?
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