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    Anyone used Kaplan for CS prep? Is it worth it? It's pretty pricey for 5 days but with CS being all crazy this year and failing more and more people I would like to be well prepared for it. Any one able to give a review?
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    Hi drk,

    While we wait for others to share their experiences, wanted to mention that you are correct about the exam.

    There is no substitute for having the chance to practice and receive immediate feedback before taking the actual exam. Another challenge is being able to do all that is necessary in the allotted time. The courses tend to be offered close to exam dates so that doctors won't forget all they learned in the course!

    No matter what course/resources you choose, definitely practice and take this exam seriously!
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    Apr 21, 2014
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    Just in case anyone is looking for a 2018 version, I recently passed CS first attempt. I am a Non-US IMG and studied for about 18 days. I practiced for one week and a half with my friends, and then went to Kaplan CS NYC Live Prep. I honestly loved it. They prepare you very well for your encounters. I highly recommend attending their simulations. As an IMG I was so nervous I forgot a lot of things during this simulation, but because CS Exam was my "third" encounter with real SPs patients, I felt a lot more confident and did very well. Only downside to Kaplan CS course is that they don't teach Patient Notes efficiently. In fact, I would say they should work a lot on that. I used First Aid Cases for CS as a reference for practicing the encounters as well as Patient Notes.

    I don't know how I passed the ICE part, all I did was mastering FA notes.. but Kaplan does help for practicing other components specially physical exam and CIS

    Good luck to you all!

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