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Apr 4, 2004
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Hi. Just wondering if anyone who took Kaplan did well (30+) on the real thing. Please dont post if you feel you did poorly - I've read enough of both TPR, EK and Kaplan prep students who feel their performance wasn't up to par and wouldn't recommend any of the three. This posting is specifically for those who have POSITIVE success to share because, well, we all need a little encouragement this last week.

How high over your best score did you do?

How high over your last score did you do?

Any comments on test 4/5 if you remember?

Thank you! :thumbup:


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Apr 24, 2001
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Kaplan really helped me a lot. I went from a 10V 8PS 10BS to a 11V 13PS 11BS. I don't remember individual tests -- it has been a couple of years -- but I do remember that the Kaplan materials got progressively harder. You're likely to do much better on the real one.


As I posted in the Kaplan vs. Princeton Review thread...

Blade28 said:
I think I started off around the mid-20s (first diagnostic), gradually moved up to the high-20s and low-30s throughout the course, and ended up scoring in the mid-30s on the last practice test and real MCAT.

Let me know if you have more questions. (Disclaimer: I took the MCAT a while ago, back in 1999.)


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Sep 30, 2002
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yes, i went from a diagnostic of a 17 (i was hungover, but still) to an actual score of a 31. Kaplan was a tremendous help to my studies and motivation.....I sure as hell wanted to get my moneys worth!!!!!
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Nov 9, 1999
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I started in the high 20's and and slowly moved up to the mid 30's. the kaplan tests were a good indicator of my real exam. i think i got the same score on my last 2 kaplan tests as i did on the mcat.


I think what's important is to take the test (and prep course) seriously. I spent the time to thoroughly go over the lecture notes, pay attention during lectures, go over my practice tests (with answers) afterwards, watch the optional videotapes, etc. It's really easy to slack or feel burned out, especially during the (summer) August MCAT...but it's really not worth it. You don't want to look back and kick yourself for not working harder.

Not saying you should study 14 hours a day (I know people who did this)...but it's good to take the test seriously and go in with the attitude that you're only going to take it once. Be optimistic! If things don't go well or as smoothly as you had hoped, fine, take it again in a few months. But be positive.


you rock!
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May 3, 2002
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i dont know if it's appropriate to post this here but which kaplans did you all work with? are certain subjects better for kaplan (vs another prep). also, how many pracexams does kaplan have? and where can i get a hold of it?


Which Kaplan? What do you mean? Location-wise? The one here in Honolulu.

How many practice exams do they have? I think we had 5-6...one every Saturday, proctored, held in the actual room that the real test would be in...leading up to the actual MCAT (on Saturday).

Not sure how you would get their practice tests, without taking the course...


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Oct 20, 2003
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My high score on the Kaplan, proctored full-lengths was a 38, my lowest score was a 30 (diagnostic), and my actual MCAT score was 4 points higher than Kaplan full-length #5.

The bottom line is this:
If you're consistently scoring between 28 and 30, it is HIGHLY likely that you'll earn a 30-32 on the real thing.
If you're consistently scoring 32-35, it is HIGHLY likely that you'll score a 34+ on the real thing.
If you're scoring in the upper thirties on the Kaplan full-lengths, expect a god-like performance on the real thing (39+).
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