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May 21, 2002
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Got a question for Kaplan users out there..

When doing the Verbal passages, do you find that the passages (not questions) are easier to comprehend than the AAMC material? you find the questions more open-ended and less clear cut than AAMC?

My consensus is that Kaplan's passages are easier to read, but their questions are sometimes really stupid since the answers choices are abstract and sometimes similar to each other...

On the other hand, I find AAMC passages more condese and harder to read, but the answer choices are more distinct from one another (ie. A is clearly different than B, which is different than C etc...) - but choosing the correct choice is a different matter =)

Any thoughts?




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Jul 15, 2002
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for me, its totally opposite, i think some of the kaplan passages are really out there and i really have no idea what the main idea is. but i agree with u about the questions, the kaplan answer choices seem to be so similar to each other.......
but i've been scoring around the same on both of them, so i guess i'll continue doing the kaplan verbal sections for practice


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Oct 15, 2000
i totally agree with the original poster.........they are easier to read, but not by a whoel lot........and aamc questions are a different style as well as the answers being more clear cut

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