Kasturba Medical College Information needed

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Apr 18, 2000
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Can any one help me in particularly alumni of KMC with the following questions:

1) What is the expected duration to finish the M.B.B.S degree in KMC?

2) I heard that you can finish Part I and leave KMC take Part I USMLE and then come to Carribean for another accelerated program to save even more time - Is this true?

3) What are the admission standards for KMC?

4) Should any one take lot of AP classes to be ahead of the curve in KMC? I know some of the friends' kid attended KMC who are not fit to be doctors and still earned a degree. So what level of sophostication that an NRI need?

5) Does one need to emphasize on SAT and other things? It does not matter right.

5) I know there are lot of average quality medical students passed from private schools in India and able to pass all parts of USMLE and able to get residency spots in under served parts of Utah etc., Therefore, an Indian NRI earning a degree from KMC should be a cut above the private Indian medical school graduate right?

6) Has any Indian NRI ever found a residency in surgery field after graduating from KMC?

7) What are the possible residency spots one can expect after coming from India? Assume you score well in USMLE.

8) What are the cost factors? Can the money saved under Section 529 be used to pay for tuition at KMC?

9) I need graduates of KMC to speak up with their experiences.

10) Is still recognized by AMA for eligibility to write USMLE?

Thanks so much