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Katzung Online


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 25, 2004
Hi docs,
I bought a new edition of Katzung.I am not sure how many of you follow this pharmacology textbook.However I am happy that the new edition comes with free online access.Even with a limited rider.
I wish that other publications too provide this kind of a facility.I believe that we pay through the nose for the expensive editions and since maintaining the web site for these publishers doesnt cost much it would make sense to allow the students and doctors to access the online resources for free.
There is a lot of debate going on for free publishing access.Specially for the medical journals.Howvever the vested intrests are scuttling the same.Since the money that goes in funding the basic research the resources should also be free.Isnt that fair enough?
What is your opinion?
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