Mar 23, 2013
Resident [Any Field]
Noticed a review hadn't been done for this (new) program, at least not one i could find. So here is my impression after interviewing there:

About the program: New 3-year residency in a community hospital in central CA. The hospital is staffed by CEP, which is one of the prominent EM physician groups in CA. KD itself has been there for about 50 years, but prior to 2013 there were no residencies. Family and EM were the first on board, psych starting in 2014, and surgery somewhere down the line in 2015-2016. As such, EM pretty much runs the show there right now. 6 residents per year with plans to double in the next few years

Department: 90k+ visits/year, which is surprisingly busy for the area. Catchment area of about 450,000. Patient population is everything from wealthy folks to undocumented migrant farm workers. about 56% penetrating trauma according to the chair. The ED is in the newly built section of the hospital. Split into 3 zones: high/low acuity, and the 'Fun zone' (psych ward). Since there are no surgery/anesthesia residents, EM always gets to run the trauma/airway and does crazy procedures. Residents work 10h shifts currently, 18/month. There is talk of possibly going to 12s

Curriculum: 3yr, community based. Pretty standard: a lot of off-service time intern year (medicine wards, OB, Surgery). Protected time for didactics every thursday. Good-sized sim lab run by EM. They have a partnership with UC Irvine that involves sharing their academic library and sending medical students up. (you also get paid on the Irvine scale, which goes a lot farther up there). They understand that everything is subject to rapid change as the first class goes through the program, and they are really recruiting people for the first few classes who don't mind being guinea pigs and will be vocal about their concerns/suggestions. Not a very strong academic presence in terms of research.

Faculty/residents: PD is young but experienced running a residency program in Chicago. The other faculty are a mix of long-time academics and clinicians who have been recruited to teach. Most of them trained either in CA, Chicago, or the east coast. First resident class is all boys, very friendly and approachable.

Location: Visalia, CA. quiet little town of somewhere in the agricultural wasteland between Fresno and Bakersfield. not the place for riveting nightlife, but there are a few nice restaurants/microbreweries on main street. 3 hours to LA, San Fran, or Sacramento. 2 hours to yosemite, 30min to sequoias. 2nd lowest cost of living in CA. most residents are able to afford good-sized houses on their salary.
Apr 30, 2014
Medical Student
Does anybody else have any information or experiences at Kaweah Delta for EM? I might want to schedule a rotation there as I'm trying to get back to California and I hear it's a tough cookie to crack.

One thing that concerns me is that their trauma rotation is apparently with general surgery? Does that mean I'll be scrubbing into elective gallbladders and ostomy take-downs if I end up there?

Also does anybody know about job prospects given that it's a new program? I read on the website that it's affiliated with CEP but does that mean I'll actually get a CEP job elsewhere in California or will I be somewhat stuck in Visalia for my career?