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Apr 22, 2001
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Hi to everyone out there. I just wanted to say that my husband just got accepted to KCOM. We plan to move to Missouri in June 2002. I am greatly looking forward to it. I wish all of you the best of luck, I know how it feels having your whole life hanging in the balance of the decision of an admissions comittee. It's a very tough time, emotionally and financhailly. But above all else a few years from now you will be married to a doctor. A finely tunned professional who fights for peoples lives. ( A little scary because you as there spouse know they can be a little absent-minded. LOL) Well, Happy Holidays, and once again best wishes to you all.



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Oct 2, 2001
Jefferson City, MO
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YEAH!!! Congrats!!!

I guess you will have to join the SAA with me next year. :)

It is kind of funny to think of spouse as a doctor. I know hubby will be awesome, truely wonderful....but I also see how spaced out he becomes when having some time to play computer games. LOL Perhaps the little boy will always dwell within. :)

Anyways, congrats!!! I think you two made an great choice in schools! :) How are you going to go about finding a place to live?

See you in June....thats when we are heading out that way. :)

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