KCU-Joplin vs KCOM

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Feb 11, 2018
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I am fortunate enough to have to choose between two great schools. I also got accepted to PNWU but I have narrowed it down to these two. I'm leaning to KCU-Joplin, but I'm nervous about it being a branch campus. Should this cause me concern or am I just worrying because it's a large decision?

KCU-Joplin pros:
- Cheaper by about $10,000 a year
- Two great hospitals very closely affiliated with the school
- Felt really good on interview day about the school, even though it was at the KC campus
- Less focus on OMM. I'm fine with OMM, but I do like having more time to study other things

- Branch campus and pretty new
- No one has matched from here that I know of (I think this is their third year?)
- Heard a few horror stories about the stress levels of the students

KCOM Pros:
- Great school and reputation
- Hospital close/attached with a lot of residencies
- Pretty nice campus which is oddly important to me

- More expensive
- Greater focus on OMM
- Not a great chance to stay close for rotations from what I saw

Both schools are about the same distance from home (Montana) and the city size doesn't really bother me for either school. I'm leaning to KCU but I'm not sure about puling the trigger on it and any advice/warnings/insights would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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I'm not sure there is much difference here. KCU-Joplin is effectively KCU as I believe both campuses are run concurrently. I think you have laid out a good pros and cons list for each and now it's honestly up to you. Sorry I can't give further advice, as they are probably equal in opportunity. Ultimately this is a good situation to be in, good luck!


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Jan 12, 2018
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Like AnatomyGrey12 said, KCOM and KCU are pretty equal. Joplin being a new branch campus can be kind of anxiety-inducing, but it is essentially KCU. The campuses are run concurrently and they have the same resources to study materials, professors, etc. The only difference between the parent campus and the Joplin campus would be access to research, the Score 1 for health clinic, rotation sites, and maybe a couple other things.

Choosing between KCU-Joplin and KCOM basically comes down to where you want to live and tuition. Just the fact that the tuition is significantly cheaper would be a huge plus for me. Also, you can stay in Joplin more for rotations whereas with KCOM you will have to go to many other sites all over the state and the country. Joplin is also a much bigger city.

Either way, you will get a great education at both. I wouldn't let the new branch campus thing worry you too much, although it is something that I have on the back of my mind as well. Best of luck to you!