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Aug 28, 2020
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Hey y'all, I need some help and advice in choosing between these two. I have never been to either cities. There is no significance to the order of the lists.

KCU Joplin

-Higher board scores
-Proven curriculum from KS
-Match list from KS campus is good (Joplin hasn't had a matching class yet)(I know some say this isn't the best way to gauge a school though)
-Established clinical sites at affiliated hospitals in Joplin

-Im from Florida and like the south, not a fan of the cold
-Less research opportunity
-Less night life/things to do

VCOM - Auburn

-More research opportunities
-International travel opportunity for a rotation
-Affiliated with Auburn Univ. - more undergrad, college town feel
-Can use Auburn facilities (gym)
-Could see myself living there in the future at this point in my life

-Less reputation
-Less established clinical sites
-Lower board scores
-Dress code

Neutral/Still trying to figure out if its a pro or con:
KCU job has p/f curriculum, not sure if clinical are graded and VCOM Auburn is graded.

Summary: KCU-Joplin seems academically to be the better school given the list above, therefore it might be the wiser decision. I have also heard only positive things about the school. I went to an undergrad without a "college town" atmosphere and think the environment of VCOM - Auburn would be nice to have and a great experience. However, some things I have read in previous posts seems concerning regarding the curriculum and rotations. Tuition differences are negligible. That said, im not gonna be miserable and hate life at KCU - Joplin, I understand I will be busy and probably live in either place for only a limited time.
Any clarification/advice is greatly appreciated on any of my points.


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Apr 30, 2015
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In Joplin, the faculty partner with the local undergrad for now for research space. Students who wanted research have been able to get in that. There are also some rotation sites in Florida. Idk where in Florida you are from but I have good friends from my class who got rotation sites in Florida and are doing their clinicals close to home. Also you won't have as much time for night life anyway. I sure didn't. Some of the over areas nearby are nice for a day trip when you get a free weekend.
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