KCU-KC vs Marian

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Jun 25, 2019
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Hey guys so I got into both KCU and Marian. I was hoping for some feedback from either student or alumni at either schools. I liked both campuses. A little bit about me I am from Indianapolis and I am not terribly certain in what I would like to do a residency in currently but I am interested in Anesthesia, IM, GS, orthopedics, Psych, and EM. I have looked at the most recent residency matches for both schools and KCU does seem to match better. I attached a pro and con list that I have come up with and the match data provided on SDN for KCU and Marian.

ProsConsneutral/same for both schoolsProsCons
old schoolranked with Joplin making class size 450Gradedclass size 150not as old
Own residencieswill need to likely move for rotationsCOMLEX Scoresfamily+friends live hereno residencies
new sim center8+ hr drive homeRegular-priced tuitionrotations within 60 mi of Indianapoliscatholic school
Better matchresearch quantity/qualityPrimary Care Shortage Area Scholarship-possible 15k scholarship, have to do IM or psychThe scholarship comes with 4-year commitment or payback


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Since these are DO schools, this will be better suited in the DO forum.

I would say KCU though, unless being near to home is REALLY important to you.
Which school did you prefer?

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honestly, I did not have a strong preference for one over the other. But I have recently talked with Marian's financial aid and they said that the scholarship is given to anyone who wants it/meets the criteria (ie Indiana resident/etc). So it would make Marian 15k cheaper per year and if I were to do IM assuming I match residency into a county that meets the high needs category the time commitment starts then. Also if I were to match into another residency I would just have to pay it back.
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If being close to your family and support system matters, then I would say Marian. And if you ultimately decide to go IM, then you would have saved money.

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