KCU (KC) vs. Touro Nevada

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Aug 4, 2018
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Hi Everyone, I've been blessed with a couple acceptances this cycle and now I'm debating between these two. Would love some help! I'm still open to specialties for but right now I'm between cardiology and general surgery for what I think I would like. Also really want to match back into California after medical school. Thanks in advance!
KCU- Kansas City
  • Consistent in strong board scores
  • Seems to have more research opportunity
  • Honors tracks available

  • Further from home
  • May have to travel far again for rotations
  • Interviewed at Joplin so Idk about the feel of the Kansas City
  • Heard curriculum is intense (but this is also a pro because of amazing board scores)

Touro Nevada
  • Closer to home (I'm from California)
  • Loved the new dean
  • More residency matches in California
  • Would only have to travel max 40 mins for rotations
  • Mission of social justice is something I really resonate with

  • Only recently switched to systems based curriculum
  • Board scores were only really good this past year

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Feb 2, 2016
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Based on what you currently want to specialize in, I believe that KCU might be the best option. They are well established and the board scores are amazing. I think you'll be a more competititve candidate eventually if you go there and you will still have the option to match back in CA. Also, they have great BBQ (although I personally prefer St. Louis BBQ lol)

Also, you won't have to deal with any growing pains of switching to a new curriculum.

Being from SoCal, I personally would have picked KCUCOM over TUNCOM if it was just me deciding between those two, but factoring my SO, I would have gone with TUNCOM.

dr mcstinky

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Feb 11, 2019
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100% KCU. The recent dean change is worrisome at TUNCOM. The physiology professors at TUNCOM are incompetent and the school administration doesn't listen to student input. I hope I'm not too late in swaying your position.