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DO KCUMB chances? Sophomore early applicant.. 3.84 sGPA/ 3.81 cGPA, MCAT ?

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by jjkenzie, May 13, 2014.

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  1. jjkenzie

    jjkenzie 2+ Year Member

    Dec 26, 2013
    I hope I am not overlooking a current post like mine.. I haven't been able to find one.

    I will graduate a whole year early (Spring 2015) with departmental honors, honors college certificate, and latin honors. I hold a 3.81 cGPA, 3.84 science. I have three minors (anthro, spanish, multicultural studies) and will have a BS in Biology. (**what I mean is that it's not as if I'm cutting corners with class density by graduating early)
    1 year research (continuing), with an award in Excellence in Undergraduate Research.
    Weekly tutoring for underprivileged middle schoolers. (Total over 100 hours service)
    Peer tutor.
    Leadership position for medical missions trip, which I also went on.
    Strong commitment to multiple campus orgs and other service.
    So far about 30 hours shadowing, all MD from personal connections. I'm looking for a DO currently.

    I will definitely graduate early, if I don't get in to med school I could take a graduate assistantship for a year and reapply. There is nothing more I want with undergrad, I've had my fun. There are lots of gap year opportunities of course, but the idea of going straight to a med school that fits me is too appealing.

    I really love KCUMB and would love to stay in Missouri. My question, I guess, is if I will have a harder time having only spent 3 years as an undergrad. I know they will not give me special treatment for being young, but will they give me equal consideration? They have an early admissions program for 'sophomores' like me, but I do not go to one of the partner institutions.
    Also, should I take the MCAT not hoping to get a high score so that I can apply early or wait until September MCAT for which I can prepare more?

    I welcome any and all advice.
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