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Jul 25, 2011
I graduated from an ivy last June and was planning to take my MCATs next Friday. Although I have been studying for 1.5 months, my scores on the practice test in the BS section are consistently low (~5-6). I have been getting ~10-11 VR, ~9-10 PS.
My GPA is 3.4 and 3.2 (science) and I am underrepresented minority. My home state is PA. I already submitted my AMCAS stating that I would take the MCAT on July 29th. I have applied to 20 schools (the max allowed by my institution).

I am thinking of postponing until August 18, 19 or 23rd.

My questions are:
- Can I postpone the MCAT for a month and still apply to start at an MD school in Fall 2012?
- I understand that I will have a decreased chance of acceptance given that admissions are rolling, but isn't it better than getting a very low BS score.
- Will there be any issues with my AMCAS if my MCAT scores don't actually appear until later?

Thank you for your help and advice!
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Nov 21, 2010
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This thread has been posted in the wrong area. But to answer your question: you should definitely postpone for a month. A BS score that low will be a huge red flag especially with a low(ish) GPA. You will still be in the running but you will probably be a late applicant.


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Sep 16, 2007
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Study the hell out of the BS section, luckily it is the easiest one to improve. You have no room for error at this point and by delaying the MCAT you are seriously showing up for the game at half time. Not all hope is lost, but you will be at a big disdvantage, also considering that your GPA is on the low side. Just out of curiosity, what school do you go to that limits how many schools you can apply to? And how would they know how many schools you applied to? It's your future, I say screw what they tell you to do and apply as broadly as you can if you want to have a shot at it for this year. Low GPA, very late application, questionable MCAT score, low number of schools=bad prognosis
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