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Oct 9, 2014
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Hi Guys,

So I am currently signed up for the January 10th MCAT (old mcat) and have been studying for about a month now. I am a little over half way done with my prep material and am feeling fairly good. However, I realized that taking the January 10th mcat will be my last chance to take the old version of the mcat. I want to give myself a chance to retake the test in case i do poorly, without having to study for a brand new test. For this reason I was thinking about taking the December 6th MCAT instead. Do you think this will give me enough time to register for another mcat test in January without all the spots filling up in case i find out my score is not what i wanted? Also would it be better just taking that extra month to prepare? And finally, what are your guys' thoughts on taking the mcat once than signing up and taking it again without getting your score yet in case you felt very poorly about the test (just because it takes 30 days to get a score and it may not come in time before the test dates end)?

Thanks for the help!!!!
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Feb 21, 2014
There is no guarantee that a retake spot will be available. Also most people will suggest that you plan on NOT retaking the exam. You should start the exam knowing that you will do as well or better than your AAMC average. If you are not at your target exam score 1 month before test day then you just need to spend the entire month of December locked in a room studying to prepare for Jan 10th.

You are 3 months out, if you really focus up there is no reason to plan on retaking.
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Apr 28, 2011
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Also, word on the street is that all slots in January were filled, then the AAMC opened a couple more test dates, but those will also be filled very soon. If you give up your Jan date, odds are you won't be getting it back.

Keep the date, study more, you should be fine.