Last Seatings Results - Would Appreciate Suggestions

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    Jun 19, 2008
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    Not really sure what the hell happened to be honest. I covered a ton of material. But these are the results:

    Verbal Ability - 40
    Biology - 83
    Reading Comp - 13 <--- what the hell
    Quantitative Ability - 79 <--- should've been higher
    Chemistry - 92
    Composite - 66

    Conventions of Language - 3.0
    Problem Solving - 2.5 <--- Pretty sure my reply to the topic was decent

    Reading comp obviously brutally dragged my overall score down. Not to mention Verbal Ability and Quantitative ability needs some work. I am going to use my books over again.

    Following books I have:
    Kaplan PCAT 2008/2009
    Cliffs TestPrep - (5 practice tests)
    Barrons (2002) - I think this edition is too old

    I would love to have suggestions for what I should include into my studying. Thanks in advance for reading this and giving it some attention.
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    Pharmacy Student
    hehehehhe heheheh hehehe

    sorry sorry....heheheh (reading comp, it means u suck dude !!!) sorry..hehehhehehe

    you sounded funny.

    Just keep on practicing and if u come across something u don't know, read it and understand it.
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