Sep 29, 2014
This seems to be the perfect job for my personality, values, and skills.

What could be the average salary of a bilingual Spanish LCSW in NY (male/female)?

With years of experience how much do you think the increase can be?

What experiences should I attain to be more competent and prepared in this field?

Are there specific job agencies that are better paying?

Thank you very much for your time!!


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Jan 7, 2010
Psychologist (not always the greatest source of information) says it's around $72k/annually for the median salary. That seems high to me based on other numbers I've heard, so I checked for psychologists as well, which is listed as $100k/ that latter number is $25-30k above the national median salary for psychologists, I'd imagine the LCSW number might be closer to $45-50k starting in NYC. Then again, there's probably at least a bit of a cost of living adjustment across the board.

I'm sure folks here who are in the field and practicing will be much more informed on the subject than am I, though.
May 26, 2014
Tucson, AZ
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Around here, LCSW who work for agencies that do psychotherapy start around 45k with benefits. Most have structured plans that provide annual salary increases.