Leadership experience combined with non-clinical volunteering

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Jan 15, 2020
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I was the VP and President of my greek fraternity and it provided me with a lot very meaningful leadership experience, so much so that I'm including it as a most meaningful experience. A big part of my time in leadership included an effort to increase the quantity and quality of our service events, and over the course of 4 years I collected several hundred hours of non-clinical volunteering through the frat.

My question is how to go about organizing that in my activities section. Should I do 2 separate entries, one for the leadership and one for the service as a result of that leadership. Or, my other option is to include the service under the description of my leadership entry somehow.

I appreciate any and all help/opinions. Thanks!

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I would do the latter
I was in the exact same position and ended up separating the two. Just because you definitely learn and experience so many different things in a leadership role but that’s MUCH different than what you would experience when you serve the community. If the volunteering was conducted in multiple different ways I’d place it under a catch all Non-clinical community service experiences type title. Idk if this is the best way tbh, just what I ended up doing at it worked out for me!
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I'd go with separating them because those are two different activities that your application may be scanned for. If you don't have a separate tag for non-clinical service and leadership a reviewer might miss one or the other.