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swederoxette said:
Hi Everyone,

I am applying for the 2006 match. The problem is that I am already into the PhD program (first year) at US. Would this question crop up in the interview that why I am leaving PhD? Please let me know? Any suggestions how to tackle this.

There is one ray of hope, in my program there is an option of finishing with a MS by May 2006, that has been mentioned in the program book, but it is both rare and comes with other complications.

Please give your valuable suggestions.

I would highly appreciate them!!!

[email protected]

The question WILL pop up and you should have a thoughtful and reasonable answer as to why you are leaving your PhD program. PDs and other faculty members will want to know why you didn't pursue residency right after medical school, why you chose to pursue a PhD and why you are leaving it. Frankly, the same goes for residency as for medical school; leaving one program for another is not looked upon kindly.

I assume you have a reason for doing this and can work on an explanation that will satisfy all parties.
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