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LECOM and the late accepctence letters

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Docgeorge, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. Docgeorge

    Docgeorge Bent Over and Violated
    10+ Year Member

    Apr 1, 2002
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    Fellow [Any Field]
    I called LECOM today and asked about the letters that were supposed to be mailed this week. I talk to the admissions staff. They said they were running a little late with the letters, but the people that were interviewed the week i did were sent to commitee and deicions made, but they just wont tell me. This SUCKS, the waiting is driving me mad.
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  3. nettaw

    nettaw Junior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Aug 11, 2002
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    I was very anxious in calling LECOM too (even though it has only been two weeks since my interview), but I am too scared of facing what Wishuponastar was talking about. I wonder how far behind they can be if there is a Dec 15 deadline for deposit. Anyways, keep your spirits high ( I know I am) because I have to believe that I will be accepted (the 1st time around). As it is I am going away for a few days so I will be nowhere near my mailbox. Everyday I'm waiting for 2pm to come and pray that the mailman brings some good news. However, still waiting. Yet, gotta keep hope alive. Hopefully, you & me along with others who really want to go to LECOM will be accepted and give us something to be really thankful for this holiday season.:)
  4. Doctortobee

    Doctortobee Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Nov 24, 1999
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    At my LECOM interview, the admissions lady said they CANNOT and WILL not tell you over the phone or email.

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