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LECOM Erie Pharmacy 2021 (Entering 2018)

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by scoopydoo123, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. DailyDaisies

    DailyDaisies Current Applicant of 2018 Pharmacy Cycle

    Apr 5, 2017
    Are you a current student at Erie? I heard in a previous post the school doesn't really help set up students on their rotation sites as well, do you know if that's true?
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  3. AuntDao


    Oct 23, 2016
    I'm currently a student at LECOM - Erie and they JUST changed it this year where you can ONLY do your rotations within a certain radius (i think it was around 200 miles) of Erie, PA. Students last year were able to pick and choose wherever they wanted to go. Although, they had to find them on their own (if they wanted to go else where like out of state) it was not as hard as people say it is unless you live in the middle of nowhere. LECOM does have places for students and everyone in my class has already gotten placed somewhere in Erie or surrounding Erie (farthest out that I know of is in Cleveland. I'm not sure if they've been telling you guys during your interviews that you can't do your rotations anywhere, but that was a BIG reason I chose LECOM. If you're looking at other pharmacy schools, I would recommend you consider going there instead unless you don't mind staying in Erie and have to possibly drive an hour to your rotation sites. It's unfortunate for a lot of people in my class bc more than half of us are from out of state and were looking forward to doing our rotations in cities and pharmacies in our home towns that'll actually consider us when we're done with school. Good luck to you all. 1-3 exams/week, 1-2 quizzes/week and 1-2 homework assignments/week. Be prepared for many sleepless nights.
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