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Apr 1, 2002
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I just found out that I have an interview at LECOM for the 17th of October. :clap: Is there any one here at LECOM now? Do you guys like it over there? And finally, do you have any info about the interview? Need any info I can get.


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Jun 8, 2002
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Iam an MSI at LECOM and absolutely love it! The school facilities are top notch and the teachers are first rate. The town, though pretty small has some definate advantages.
The interview was a breeze. If I remember corretcly, they had us sit in a small room and read a small (boring) article which they quizzed us on during our individual interviews.
The interview was more of a process of getting to know you as an individual. During mine, they asked a few questions, but left the interview open for me to talk about some of my accomplishments..

It was very laid back, and I had a great feeling righ afterward!

Good Luck
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