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Lecome school of pharmacy


New Member
Jun 11, 2009
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
    I am seriousely looking at Lecom as a choice of pharmacy school. Does any one have any idea if this is a highly reputable school?, Like do you know any one that has been to this school and what they say of the school.Thanks for any responses
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    Full Member
    10+ Year Member
    May 7, 2009
    1. Pre-Pharmacy
      I can't comment, as I've never been or talked to anyone who's been there, but their website is pretty awful.

      The website is pretty terrible. You would think they would want to fix that...

      I applied to the Bradenton campus and I was really impressed actually. Its a nice area, close to the beaches, and the building is brand new and very pretty. All the instructors seemed very good and excited to have us there. The program seemed decent enough (nothing to complain about), and its relatively inexpensive (20K/year in-state). I kinda liked how going to class was mandatory and you have to dress professionally every day: keeps you focused. My only concern was the fact that its (Bradenton) a young program with only 1st and 2nd years, so who knows how their students will do. The Erie campus started off with awful Naplex passing rates and now its up around 97%. I was also concerned about the clerkships. It didn't seem very organized, and to my understanding their sites were all over the place, with many of them around Sarasota, Ft. Meyers, and SW Florida, which was a problem for me...

      Overall though I think its going to be a pretty good school. I would definitely like to hear from some current students though!
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