Lenovo X60 Tablet: Make the switch?

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    What are your thoughts on this laptop? I am considering purchasing one for Med school, but I need to justify the extra thousand or so I will be spending on it.

    Is taking notes on it better, more efficient, and as easy as the traditional pen and paper? Also, when studying the notes on the laptop, do you notice that you are getting more or less studying done as compared to looking through an actual notebook and powerpoints etc...?

    I am fairly saavy when it comes to figuring out technology, yet I am not a computer guru. I just do not want to get half way through my first year of school and realize that taking notes on the tablet is a waste of time, then switch back to the traditional way of taking notes.

    ANY insight on the transition and the benefits (or waste of money) of switching to the Lenovo X60 tablet would be greatly appreciated!!!

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