Let this be a warning to all MD/DOs... California legislature/NPs just passed AB 890, which will likely grant FPA throughout the state.


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Dec 6, 2006
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The California legislature just moved one step further to making full practice authority the law of the land in California for nurse practitioners.

While we all know great NPs, the state of medical education in NP schools these days is highly variable and is at times, frequently even, a mere shell of what medical school education represents.

A dentist/ politician basically screwed physicians over, and while public commentary was invited, physicians were constantly cut off, and no nurses were cut off - and physicians were again portrayed as people not to be trusted - who were greedy, fearmongering, and could only produce anecdotal evidence to support any harm in allowing NPs to practice independently.

So - I'm going to educate myself about the legal system as much as possible. I hope this inspires more on here to do the same.

What we really need is a Flexner report on the state of NP school education, and sadly, in the politicians and healthcare executives' eyes - enough people dying, before the general public realizes the danger this represents. Fight for all the Alexus Ochoas that died at the hands of incompetence.


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Mar 19, 2009
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The worst is happening: the old vanguard of entrenched incumbents is losing its absolute monopoly on the practice of medicine. It will now only be a semi-monopoly, open to a whopping three groups instead of two.
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Sep 9, 2008
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You realize this third group can do direct entry from an RN program, complete their program online with a mere 500 hours patient care experience, and practice independently now right? You really cool with that? Medicine is f’ed.

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