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Sep 15, 2002
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Hey Everyone,
So, I've been secretly reading through the postings the past 3-4 weeks, which has been a great help to me. So, I finally had one of my own questions. Will Medical Schools respect a Letter of Recommendation from a Podiatrist as much as from a MD? I was planning on him writing one anyway, but was unsure if it was necessary to get another MD to write one as well (I may for some of them). He knows me very well and I know he could give me a better recommendation then any other Physician could (not to say a few I know couldn't give me a good one). The same question goes for Osteopathic Schools (covering my bases).
I have been finishing up about half of my Secondaries (am from midwest). I was an August MCATer (11,10,10,P) and am waiting for about half of them yet. I was trying to make it easy on the people writing my letter and tried to get most of the schools at once so there'd be less work for them, but sort-of realized that it was a much better idea to break them up a few at a time (time sensitive), plus, this way they'll get going on it sooner.


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Okay most med schools want letters from ur professors or research profeesors, or job employer. a letter from someone who knows u best could also suffice, so if ur podiatrist can give u a better LOR, then go ahead, i dont think his degree matters, after all the professors dont have MD degrees
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