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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by SW-Adrian, Jan 5, 2001.

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    I was just wondering if it is a good idea to write a letter to the interviewers for at least our top three choices?

    Adrian Zai
  2. At several places I was told that if I was seriously interested (these are places that are interviewing 100+people for 4 categorical surg spots) that I should contact the residents and express such a desire. Obviously a letter of interest would be helpful as well; as long as you keep contact.

    In addition, I would recommend having one of your professors, preferably the Chief of the IM department, call your top 3 choices and tell them how impressed you were, etc. with the program. I was offered this by a Chief of Surg and when I asked about having him do this was told in no uncertain terms, that it would be well received. You can't have him call a bunch of places, but 1 or 2 calls wouldn't be inappropriate.

    IMHO, expressing your interest in a program, especially if you can list reasons why it would be right for you, will only help your application.


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